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Metalco Arquitectura en Acero SL is the exclusive supplier for Spain and Andorra of JANSEN, a renowned Swiss system for singular claddings, both for façades and steel carpentries.
To seek the best solutions, our technicians collaborate with architects, constructors, metalworkers and private individuals in developing products such as stainless steel units, fire-resistant glass partitions, anti-burglar security elements and even bulletproof systems.
We can meet the needs of our customers in the best of times thanks to our 5 offices located throughout the country.

Areas of activity


Our technicians collaborate with the architects searching for the best solution in aesthetical and functional terms.


Quoting the global solution.


In cooperation with the metalworkers searching a perfect fabrication of Jansen systems.


The implementation.


And assuring the durability of the solution over time.

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Jansen company history

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1923Josef Jansen acquires a small firm in Oberriet manufacturing steel armoured conduits.
1926Manufacture of insulated conduits as well as gas and water conduits.
1930Jansen begins manufacturing drawn precision steel tubes.
1946Production extended to include the fabrication of steel profile systems. Workforce reaches 120.
1955Plastic pipes added to the range of products.
1973Major extensions to factory and warehouses.
1978Jansen becomes the licensed distributor of Schüco aluminium and plastic profile systems for Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.
1981Workforce reaches 560. Annual turnover is around CHF 100 million.
1990High-rack warehouse built. Number of employees: around 670. Turnover exceeds CHF 200 million for the first time.
1992Jansen achieves SQS certification in accordance with EN/ISO 9001 for the whole company.
1997Production starts in the newly-erected subsidiary factory in Dingelstädt/Germany.
2001750 employees on the payroll.
2002Jansen achieves SQS certification in accordance with ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:1999 and ISO 14001:1996.
2010Jansen employs a workforce of 830 and turnover reaches CHF 300 million. Jansen Campus with additional offices and seminar rooms erected on Oberriet site.
2011Jansen purchases the Hassas Boru steel tube works in Izmit/Turkey. Over 1,000 employees now on the payroll worldwide, of which 60 are in training. The new Jansen Campus buildings are completed and occupied.
Jansen becomes the licensed distributor of Schüco aluminium and plastic profile systems for Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Values that shape Jansen

Jansen has grown from a small workshop to an international company with global operations. The characteristic Jansen values played a central role in this achievement, and those values are just as vital today, shaping the family-owned company and the Jansen brand.

Family Jansen is a family firm with tradition and deep roots in the region. Values such as the sense of responsibility, social commitment, respect and cohesion are as essential to the company today as they were when it was founded. Jansen recognises the invaluable contribution of its employees and therefore pursues a sustainable personnel policy.
Partnership Relationships with those outside the company are also important to Jansen – its business is built around partners, customers and suppliers. One-to-one advice features highly, while individual solutions are developed and produced in technology partnerships.
Innovation Sound market knowledge and modern technologies inspire Jansen to create innovative products and services. Jansen places great emphasis on high-quality, efficient research and development to ensure intelligent solutions with which the company can stay one step ahead in the market.
Know-how Knowledge and experience enable Jansen to perform to the highest standards every day and come up with individual, innovative solutions. As a company committed and authorised to provide apprenticeship training, Jansen is delighted to pass on this knowledge and experience – from generation to generation.
Environment Jansen accepts its responsibility towards the environment with a company policy based on sustainability and energy efficiency. Jansen conserves resources with products made from recyclable materials that retain their value, and sets great store by optimised processes and production methods.
Quality Jansen fulfils the high requirements of its partners in terms of quality, utility, design and service with innovative products and services in line with the needs of the market, thus ensuring the safety and reliability of Jansen products and systems over their entire life cycle.